BBC EastEnders fans spot key detail which may have secret meaning

This comes after Suki Panesar hit Ranveer in self-defence with CCTV footage showing the character wearing a blue dress despite previous scenes showing her in pink.

Fan account EastEnders Plus shared the news with other fans on Twitter, saying: “Tonight’s episode showed cctv footage of when Suki hit Ranveer in self defence but weirdly Suki is wearing a blue dress when in reality, she was wearing a pink dress. We know “Suki’s colour” in the six is blue, could this be deliberate and mean something bigger? #EastEnders”

The page then praised another fan for showing them the information, adding: “Thank you @enchantedw0nder for pointing this out”

What happened in last night’s (April 19) episode of EastEnders?

Last night’s episode of the BBC show saw Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) panic when she discovers a hidden memory stick of her attack on Ranveer, who she thinks she killed.

Last year Suki’s believed that she had killed Ranveer Gulati in self-defence after he tried to sexually assault her but when her adopted son Ravi arrived and sent her away, he finished the job himself after realising he was still alive.

Suki set up a tape to trap Ranveer with Ravi removing his actions from the recording.

She then spirals and becomes convinced that Nish (Navin Cowdhry) had been keeping evidence to control her.

When she gets home and finds that the memory stick is missing, Nish reveals he has it.

EastEnders fans debate reason behind Suki’s dress colour changed

One Twitter user was eager to know why the change was made between the original scene and the CCTV footage in Wednesday’s episode, saying: “It’s a clue it has to be”.

Other EastEnders fans claimed that the colour may be different because of the lighting, with one viewer saying: “Is it not just the lighting that’s making her dress look purple?”

Another added, while recognising this could be an error on the show’s part: “I think it’s just the lighting, angle of the screen, that’s bad continuity otherwise.”

One fan claimed the scene wasn’t reshot, saying: “Hello, I addressed this on the Reddit thread it’s on, the colours off in the CCTV recording, you can tell because the sofa cushions also change colour too. Can’t tell if it’s intentional but it wasn’t reshot.”

EastEnders airs tonight (April 20) on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 7:30 pm.

Courtesy of Enfield Independent | What’s On