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An establishment with quite the impressive reputation, if you are unfortunate to have a pest problem of any kind, Inoculand are simply perfect to work with and can offer an immaculate service, every time.

Since 2008, they have been providing pest control to both commercial and residential premises in London, Essex, Surrey and Kent to ensure everyone can live in harmony and not have to worry about any unwanted visitors.

Specialising in removing all sorts of bugs and pests such as mice, bed bugs, rats, moths, ants, beetles. wasps, cockroaches, flies, fleas and squirrels, they understand better than anyone the damage, distress, smell and unnecessary costs that they can cause, which is why their knowledgeable and professional team will quickly assess the problem at hand to find the best solution for you.

For mice, they provide a complete proofing service at an exceptional cost of just £129 plus VAT for people who suffer from a fear of them, which entails two simple, yet affective steps.

Firstly, the team will remove all mice living in and around your property and will typically use two types of bait to achieve the best results over two visits, during a three-month period.

The second stage is a comprehensive service that comes with a one-year guarantee if you are living with children or someone who is vulnerable or elderly, where you can request it anytime within six months of Inoculand’s initial visit and they will block 100 per cent of the access points throughout your home to keep mice out and prevent them from returning.

If you are worried about a moth infestation, then you need not worry any longer, as from just £260 plus VAT, they offer carpet moth treatments as well as heat treatment for clothes with a 100 per cent guarantee, with it generally being recommended as the best course of action.

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All Inoculand technicans are fully trained and use the latest technology in thermal blasting where depending on the area to be treated, they will use either LPG-fuelled heat generators or electric heaters, with simply the best advice out there found here.

They also provide a guaranteed carpet beetle treatment for just £210 plus VAT for a one-bedroom flat and for larger properties for just an extra £49 per bedroom, as it is crucial to break the life cycle of carpet beetles by killing not only every adult and larvae, but to also kill the pupae and eggs that are scattered around your property.

So, if you are looking for a skilled, friendly and quick service for all your pest control needs, then look no further than Inoculand.

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