TOWIE Mick Norcross: Son Kirk says his dad ‘changed in himself’

THE family of Mick Norcross revealed he “changed in himself” during lockdown and his mood deteriorated during the pandemic.

Mr Norcross’ son and Towie star Kirk Norcross wrote to coroner Lincoln Brooks describing how his father had struggled throughout the lockdown period.

Kirk found his father after smashing a window with a hammer to gain access to the property after he was unable to contact him, the hearing heard.

In the letter, read out by the coroner, Kirk said: “During the first lockdown in March 2020 I really noticed my dad change in himself.

“He was an early riser, watch TV and have a shower. He would always be around the family and we were very close.

“I noticed he began to have a lie-in, sleeping until 9am and lounging around on the sofa all the time. He seemed down and depressed and no longer had a positive outlook.

“The developments should have been finished and my father should have been retiring. We knew each other enough to know when we were down.

“There was other occasions were my father would be his usual self but these moments were very short lived.

“He had practically been this way since lockdown. He became very distant and I found that upsetting because we were always really close.”

Kirk said his father would on occasion make passing comments on his situation, but the issue of the property developments “was the only issue” going on.

Kirk said that he never truly thought his father would lose out.

He added: “I always thought he would still profit from the work and when it was eventually over and done with he would be back to his usual self.”

Mr Norcross’ partner Samantha Keahey said in another letter to the coroner: “He put enormous amount of pressure on himself to be a provider and given the way he was it would have been difficult to open up to his family the situation he was in.

“I explained no one cares about this, the developments, but everyone cares about Mick.”

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