BBC EastEnders star Michelle Collins to return as Cindy Beale

Returning stars include the character of Cindy Beale who was killed off over 20 years ago.

Making her grand return to Walford after 25 years, despite being killed off-screen whilst in prison in 1998, Cindy’s return is set to be part of a much bigger plot.

As a twist will see the return of Albert Square legend Ian Beale following his two-year-long absence, but he will have some company.

According to The Mirror, the shocking return was set to be kept under wraps but was unfortunately leaked.

Ian and Cindy Beale to return to BBC EastEnders

The return of the characters will mark Ian’s first since a quick scene back in December 2022 whilst Cindy has been missing off the show since the late 90s.

Cindy actress, Michelle Collins had previously shared that she had no plans to return to EastEnders but now the villain is heading back to Walford alongside Ian, seeing Adam Woodyatt reprise his iconic role.

The former exes will return in scenes set to air latest this year, although it’s reported that the pair have begun filming scenes together.

Although Cindy did get killed off back in the 90s, Ian is used to characters faking their deaths with the likes of his mother Kathy Beale doing the same after returning from the dead in 2016.

The former husband and wife children’s are not currently in the show, with Cindy Jr and Peter off screen, while son Steven died in 2017 and Lucy was murdered in a now iconic plotline back in 2014.

Courtesy of Enfield Independent | What’s On