Dua Lipa slams Suella Braverman for migrant commnets

The singer has become a household name to many across the UK and is well-liked for songs like Levitating, Don’t Start Now and for featuring in One Kiss by Calvin Harris

Dua Lipa, who is a London musician born to Kosovan-Albanian parents, said Suella Braverman’s comments caused “hurt” and said she should show “more empathy”.

This comes after Suella Braverman was criticised for singling out “Albanian criminals” as she claimed there was an “invasion” of the English Channel by migrants on small boats.

Albania’s president Edi Rama hit out at these comments, calling them “very, very disgraceful.”

During a meeting with PM Rishi Sunak, President Rama raised concerns, citing Dua Lipa as a positive example of an Albanian in the UK.

Dua Lipa says ‘small minded’ Suella Braverman comments about Albanian migrants ‘hurt’

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the Grammy award winner said of the comments: “Of course it hurt.

“All those words thrown around about immigrants? I always felt London was an amalgamation of cultures. It is integral to the city.

“So when you hear the Government talk about Albanians, for example, it hurts. It’s short-sighted and small-minded, but it’s the way a lot of people think.

“No matter how we try and change the rhetoric, there will always be those who think, ‘Immigrants are coming into the country and taking jobs.’

“However, immigrants who have come here have earned their keep by working incredibly hard. There needs to be more empathy, because people don’t leave their country unless they have to out of necessity, out of fear for their family.”

Courtesy of Enfield Independent | What’s On