Channel 4 Countdown, ITV The Chase among UK’s favourite game shows

Everyone has their guilty pleasure game show that they can’t help but crawl up on the sofa to watch.

Whether you are crazy about The Chase or you go bonkers for some Blankety Blank, you can now see if your favourite TV gameshow is beloved across the country.

The gaming experts at Mahjong Challenge have analysed the Google search data for more than 60 game shows on TV in the UK.

If you are looking for Saturday night TV inspiration or you simply want to see if your top choice made the cut, here are the UK’s favourite 10 game shows.

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What is the UK’s favourite game show on TV?

A spokesperson for Mahjong Challenge commented on the study: “Game shows have been a staple in many homes across the UK since the 1950s and some of the most successful game shows on TV originated here in Britain.

“It will be interesting to see how the popularity changes over the coming years though, since 75% of Countdown viewers are in the 55 plus age range, whereas The Chase has a wider target audience. 

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“Game shows face more competition than ever before to capture the attention of younger audiences, since they are used to having access to endless entertainment at the touch of a button through services such as Netflix and Prime Video.” 

According to the research, the UK’s top game show on TV is the beloved words and numbers game Countdown.

The quiz show was the first program to be aired on Channel Four back in 1982, and 40 years later holds the top spot in UK Google searches with 996,000 annual searches.

The programme’s first female presenter Anne Robinson stepped down as host in July 2022 and has been temporarily replaced by Colin Murray until the end of the year.

Here is the full top ten of the country’s favourite game shows – do you agree?

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UK’s favourite TV games shows revealed

1. Countdown 

Moly searches: 83,000 

Annual searches: 996,000 

2. The Chase 

Monthly searches: 70,000 

Annual searches: 840,000 

3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 

Monthly searches: 38,000 

Annual searches: 456,000 

4. Catchphrase 

Monthly searches: 30,000 

Annual searches: 360,000 

5. Tenable 

Monthly searches: 28,000 

Annual searches: 336,000 

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 6. Mastermind 

Monthly searches: 26,000 

Annual searches: 312,000 

7. Blankety Blank 

Monthly searches: 25,000 

Annual searches: 300,000 

8. Tipping Point 

Monthly searches: 22,000 

Annual searches: 264,000 

9. Crystal Maze 

Monthly searches: 21,000 

Annual searches: 252,000 

10. Question of Sport 

Monthly searches: 21,000 

Annual searches: 252,000 

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