The best London bars to watch the Eurovision song contest

The best places in Britain to watch the live Eurovision grand final have been revealed, with a London favourite taking four of the top spots.

Eurovision fans are gearing up for the annual competition’s 2022 return, with many, no doubt, seeking out the best place to head to watch all the action unfold. 

And if you’re in need of inspiration on where to go to enjoy Saturday night’s live grand final, hosted in Italy this year, the team at Coffee Friend is on hand to help you out. 

New research from the UK-based coffee and coffee machines retailer takes a deep dive into all the cafés, pubs, and bars across the UK that are hosting viewing parties for Eurovision 2022.

Enfield Independent: Eurovision 2022. (PA)Eurovision 2022. (PA)

Taking into account ratings and reviews from visitors on TripAdvisor, the team has carefully selected the best all-around venues deserving of 12 points from the judging panel. 

See the best London bars to watch Eurovision:

Taking the top prize for London spots is The 2 Brewers in Clapham with a TripAdvisor rating of 4.5/5 and an overall score of 93% for excellence. 

The bar is known for its bright colorful decor, friendly and welcoming presence as well as its promise for a great night out. 

Next up for London was Phoenix Arts Club in Soho, with a 4/5 TripAdvisor rating and 68% score. 

Renowned for its theatrical side, the club is based in the heart of the West End and is the perfect place to watch the contest surrounded by fellow fans.

Halfway to Heaven in Charing Cross also made the list, the gay bar is known for being friendly, having nightly great entertainment and for putting on a great show. 

Last on the list for London is Royal Vauxhall Tavern in Vauxhall which gained a score of 53% the tarvern is based in a former Victorian musical hall and has plenty of space.

Aurimas Vainauskas, CEO of Coffee Friend, said: “Every year you can count on Eurovision for a fun-filled evening, with people finally getting to enjoy coming together once again and celebrating the much-loved contest as pandemic restrictions have eased. 

“Cafés, pubs and bars are thriving once more and here at Coffee Friend we’ve done the research so you can ensure your night out definitely won’t score nil points.”

The best places to watch the Eurovision in the UK

  •  Grub, Manchester – 5/5 
  •  The 2 Brewers, Clapham – 4.5/5
  •  Bar Revenge, Brighton – 4.5/5
  •  The Buttermarket, Shrewsbury – 4.5/5
  •  Little Drop of Poision, Exeter – 4.5/5
  •  Phoenix Arts Club, Soho – 4.5/5
  •  The Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham – 4/5
  •  Halfway to Heaven, Charing Cross – 4/5 
  •  The Four Horsemen, Bournemouth – 4.5/5
  •  Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Vauxhall – 4/5
  •  Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh – 4/5

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